Getting your motor out into the backwaters is a genuinely one of a kind feeling. However, navigating the backwaters can be pretty tricky. Not only do you have to keep your eye open for skinny waters, but you must also have a motor capable of taking a beating. However, get yourself the right rig, and you will have these coveted territories right at your fingertips. You will also find waterfowl that don’t stay out in open waters as often flock to these areas. What more could a hunter ask for?

Waterfowlers are continually working to improve their techniques, but finding ways to keep those educated birds flying can get more and more difficult as the season progresses. The backwater ponds and rivers throughout the country provide endless opportunities for great hunts… if you can access them. While considering what it’s going to take to leave the crowds behind, lets look first at your motor. Is it capable of handling all that the backwater offers? Can you get as deep into the river systems as you want?

If you want to safely get out into the backwaters this upcoming waterfowl hunting season, here is why you should upgrade your rig’s traditional outboard to a surface drive Mud Motor.


1. It’s like having a 4-wheel drive on the water!

Sure, you have experienced the difference a surface-drive motor has during a hunt but does it include all the capabilities you need for full-range waterfowl hunting? Probably not. Mud Motors are practically built for backwater. Along with their skimming techniques, Mud Motors run faster, shallower, and can handle all that the backwater throws at them. Our team often compares our motors to others on the market as the difference between 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive. You might not always need a 4-wheel drive, but when you do, it is nice to have it on-hand.

Take a Mud Motor out for a spin, and you’ll quickly recognize the difference in how it handles compared to your last boat. Once you whip that thing around a few times, you’ll understand why most people prefer a truck to a civic when driving off-road.


2. Mud Motors let you navigate to places traditional outboards can’t.

Traditional outboard motors sometimes can’t get you into those skinny waters without being damaged. Nothing puts a damper on a hunt more than having to turn around and find a different spot. Expand your options with a Mud Buddy Mud Motor. Our combination of features practically gives you an all-access pass to the backwater. Mud Buddy Motors have been dominating the backwater for over 25 years due to their unique craftsmanship and features. For that thick mud and vegetation, our team would suggest a Mud Buddy Longtail or Super Longtail.

Our uni-frame, one-piece design, patented bearing drive, adjustable skeg, and marine finish are just a few of the features of the Mud Buddy Longtail that contribute to its unfailing design and lasting trustworthiness. It’s also the most potent Longtail on the market. Thick, thick mud and mat-like vegetation…no problem. NOTHING stands in the way of the Longtail. In fact, it has a reputation of outperforming even the Hyperdrive in this type of environment. Mud Buddy also offers a variety of products that will help you strike the perfect balance between your budget and the amount of power you will need next season.


3. Stumps, logs, rocks? No problem, a Mud Buddy can take them all!

The biggest reason a traditional outboard doesn’t cut it in the backwaters is due to the debris you will find along the way. Take one of these rigs into the backwater and you could wreck your engine. The Mud Motors from Mud Buddy include the features needed to take on those floating logs, stumps, rocks, and other debris. By having a Mud Motor equipped, you can head out into the backwater knowing you’ve got the best in the industry working to get you there and back again.

To get you through the next season, consider something that is heavy-duty, durable, rugged, with a shallow draft. Luckily, a Mud Buddy Mud Motor has precisely that. So, whether you are crisscrossing through the rivers of the south, scouting the Louisiana bayou, or running the flooded backwaters of Arkansas, Mud Buddy Motors are the best fit for your water fowling rig.


4. No jet intake to get fouled or water pump to clog.

Outboard motors with a jet intake and water pump, can’t get through the shallow areas full of thick weeds, soupy mud, or running over hard sand and gravel. These weeds and other muck will clog those jets and water pumps. Mud motors expand the areas you can hunt, pushing farther than you could with traditional outboards.


5. It just plain looks bad-ass!

Mud Buddy Motors are truly the Cadillac of surface drives. Our mud motors are packed with add-ons not found on many other mud motors, like a stainless steel skeg, stainless drive tube, Mercury power trim, and constructed with all the high-quality components you expect out of your rig.

For example, look at our HDR with the original belt drive and the original electric shift reverse mud motor. This advanced motor has over 40 exclusive features, which include a stainless-steel drive tube, stainless skeg, Mercury 8300-pound power trim, cast aluminum 3/8″ thick outdrive, built-in travel lock and four vibration dampers in the mount and handle for smooth operation. It also has upper cast aluminum transmission cover, user-friendly handle end trim, shift controls, and the most powerful engine option available, the model 5000 EFI performance engine.

Our Big Blade™ propeller provides optimum thrust in all conditions, especially deep mud. The outdrive has the exclusive Mud Buddy patented bearing and seal system that keeps grease “in” and mud and sand “out” of the drive to ensure reliable operation in all conditions; season after season. Mud Buddy is also the only mud motor available in Gore™ OPTIFADE camo.

Take this mud motor out for a spin, and you will be turning heads the entire way.


Why Choose Mud Buddy Motors

Mud Buddy Motors has a reputation gained over 25 years. Our team understands what it takes to get you out into the backwater, where waterfowl flock and hunters score. Mud Buddy is best known today as the innovators in the shallow water surface drive industry.

Mud Buddy invented the first long-lasting mud motor bearing and seal system 25 years ago (two patents), the first belt drive mud motors over 15 years ago, and today’s high horsepower motors that outperform anything within the industry. Mud Buddy also introduced the primary aluminum short tail castings, low vibration drives, marine coatings, and the fastest and most powerful motors and propellers in the industry. And most of all, Mud Buddy is known for its quality products, excellent customer service and as for being the King of Backwater Motors.

Discover your backwater rig today by contacting our team. Together, we will find the mud motor you need to survive and thrive in the backwaters. Get in touch with us today and get outfitted with your new mud motor. You can also learn more about our mud motors by browsing our site.





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