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Innovative Design

Mud Buddy Motors celebrates over 46 innovations that have advanced the mud motor industry to where it is today, the envy of the world. Three of its most important innovations are the first belt drive short tail (HDR), the first belt drive longtail, and the first gear driven F-N-R transmission vertical short tail design (Sport V). In addition, Mud Buddy has two drive seal and bearing U.S. patents and one propeller design patent.

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Why Mud Buddy

01State Of The Art

Our guiding principle is to always be moving forward, to never be content with where we are and what we have. We strive to not only be the best, but better than we ever have been. That is why we are constantly innovating new designs, searching for better materials and testing the very limits of what a motor is capable of.


02Most Powerful Mud Motor

Working with some of the greatest engine manufactures in the country, utilizing finely tuned propellers and much much more, makes all of Mud Buddy Motor’s model’s among the most powerful surface drives on earth.

03Toughest Outdrive

It’s all about the right material. Mud Buddy Motors uses the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum to build it’s motors, making them industry leaders in strength, durability and reliability. Stumps in the timber, rocks in the mud, rest easy you’re in a Mud Buddy.


04Control Plus

With Mud Buddy’s unique control design, our motors are among the easiest to handle in the world. Innovative placements for the trim switch on the main handle and the engine frame, momentary bump switch, and a kill switch chord conveniently located to be effective and unobtrusive. This is truly a motor for everyone.

05Faster Surface Drive

We love speed! We strive hard to squeeze every single horsepower from every motor. From significant weight reductions to highly engineered propellers we have speed on the brain. Mud Buddy Motors produces industry-leading speeds in all of its models, getting you out and back in a flash.



The right motor, right when you need it. We pride ourselves on building a strong, dependable machine that will get you through the skinny waters and more importantly, get you back home again. We rigorously test every motor before shipping, and stand by our products with some of the best warranties in the industry. It’s a great motor, you can depend on it.

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With our expanded dealer base located throughout the country, your new motor could be… literally right around the corner. We strive to be the best and our customer service is second to none. Now’s the time to be a king of your marsh.