Mud motor engines are not designed to run in salt water, so we need to ensure these suggestions are followed if you run in this type of environment. We recommend that you flush the outside of the motor and drive every time you exit salt water. Run the engine at idle and slowly inject a water flow into the flywheel so that the mist will wash off the coils and wires under the engine cowl. If you keep your boat moored in the water, always tilt the outboard so the gear case is completely out of the water (except in freezing temperature) when not in use. Add a corrosion control anode to the boat side of the skeg. Any small configuration works. Each month, spray Mercury Precision Lubricants or Quicksilver Marine Lubricants Corrosion Guard on external metal surfaces and on all exposed wire connections and harnesses. (DO NOT spray on corrosion control anodes as this will reduce the effectiveness of the anodes). If you power-wash the mud motor, do not spray the high pressure into wire harnesses or near oil seal areas. Paint chips should be sanded lightly and re-finished to avoid corrosion.